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My Approach

My Professional Specialities

  • Rehabilitation

  • Sports Injuries

  • Exercise management of Hypermobility and POTS Syndrome

  • Exercise management of M.E. and other post-viral problems

  • Exercise management of Chronic Pain disorders

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Bridge Pose
  • Management of Headaches

  • Female Health - including return to safe exercise following surgery

  • Post-natal mums – it is possible with a large baby forathe mum’s abdominals to even separate and this is called a diastasis rectus. The pelvic floor is also affected in pregnancy and childbirth.

Hybrid and Collaborative Approach

I have blended together the best of Pilates, with some great yoga stretches. Classes are interactional, so that you tell me when something is straining you and I can immediately adapt it. Classes have to be fun, as there is nothing more boring than boring Pilates.

If a person has their own Physio, I work with that Physio to speed the healing/strengthening and mobility, with my targeted exercise approach.

Physiotherapist working with an elderly patient doing mobility and functionality exercises

The importance of the muscles we work

The core is a cylinder of muscles that work together to stabilise your spine, aid balance, move your torso and help you lift things. It consists of the deep and superficial abdominal muscles, your back and side waist muscles, your pelvic floor underneath and diaphragm on the top. In the upper body you have stabilising muscles around the shoulder blades that allow your arms to work effectively. You also have superficial and deep muscles in the neck which stabilise the head. The superficial muscles in the neck move your head. In Physio Pilates we strengthen these muscles and reprogramme faulty movement patterns that can lead to conditions such as shoulder impingement.

"Above all, learn to breathe correctly."

Joseph Pilates

The importance of breathing

Of the six Pilates Principles (covered in full with the latest research on it in the Science tab), Joseph Pilates considered breathing to be the most important for physical and mental well-being and to help contract the core efficiently.

Handsome man wearing white deep breathing in front of the ocean..jpg
Beautiful happy young woman in bright sportswear working out indoors in loft interior on b


At the end of the class you can stay for an optional 5 minute hold relax Laura Mitchell relaxation technique.

It’s a great way to round off the class.

"Change happens through movement and heals."

Joseph Pilates

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